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"GJSPC LABORATORY is the most authentic and so rectitude towards its work."

The laboratory ensures for providing best treatments of gemstone testing as well as rudraksha testing. Report check is also available on all the laboratory branches. This lab report check gives another reason to believe on the testing. Even one can compare the reports of some another laboratory to the GJSPC laboratory report, and get to know whether the report is accurate or not. The reports provided by us stay accurate and believable.

The records of each report and client are present in the database of the laboratory. The verification of report by entering the report number into the database can be obtained easily. The several services are there that the GJSPC laboratory is offering. They also works on recommending and suggesting the appropriate gemstone to the various users. Rudraksha testing, Gemstones testing, Diamond testing, Jewellery testing are some of the testings done in the workshop of the laboratory.

Rudraksha Testing : The identification of the rudraksha is done under the supervision of experts and then report is generated according to that testings. The physical appearances and its behavior at the time of testing is assumed and on behalf of that report is generated. After the report formation that report is send to the seniors of the laboratory for cross checking and more accuracy. While generating the report each and every thing is illustrated on the report like the size, shape, weight, origin, modifications, enhancements, radiography and about the tests performed on it and their results.

Gemstone Testing : There are different types of gemstones with a wide range in variation in their subdivisions. We identifies and describes about the colored stones. The gemstone grading report is generated and the assessment of its cuts, color, carat and clarity is done within the laboratory.

Diamond Testing : The laboratory is helping in response to the artificial diamond and the synthetic diamonds to make aware the users. Diamond is the most precious gemstone and used in jewellery, but sometimes the original diamonds are replaced by the artificial ones. So to detect the difference between these two, the tests are done and the report is generated by the GJSPC laboratory.

Jewellery Testing : Jewellery is the most favorite thing to the women, and its price are getting out of the limits. On the parallel node, the duplicate's are also taking place on the same price. So the laboratory tests for the jewellery about its purity and grades. The color, shape carats are conformed during the check to make the reports wisely. Our main aim is to deliver the trust against the users and we keep it by providing accurate reports.

Appraisal Reports : The appraisal reports are also forwarded by the laboratory to the clients or to those who are dealing in selling pure and divine product whether it is a rudraksha or any gemstone. Complete product description is noted on that report and the percentage of the purity is also mentioned with it. It helps to the buyers to know about the product purity.

Packing and Selling : The packing and the selling of the gemstone is the toughest job. As the gemstones and rudraksha both belongs to precious jewells so they need care and attention while packing. Best packing is done in the laboratory by knowing about the gemstone character sticks. While selling, packing of the things attracts the buyers most so it needs to be a perfectly packed while selling. At the same time the selling of the gemstones requires a complete knowledge regarding tham. So the laboratory is the hub for the information of each and every type of gemstone.

Gemstone Recommendation : This is said that the gemstones are not be adopted if it do not suits you. Always the recommendation should be taken by the experts first before adopting the gemstone. The gemstones and rudraksha are committed with the astrology. We recommend the gemstones and suggest about the rudraksha with reference to the astrology. It is very complex as it requires a deep knowledge of each field. The gemstone and rudraksha recommendation is done by the laboratory experts. Gemstones comes with different colors and designs whereas the rudraksha comes with multiple faced beads.

Evaluate Gems and Jewellery :A modern gemology laboratory is specialized to evaluate about the gems. This special lab is provided to learn about the gems and other precious stones or jewelleries. We also evaluate about the cost of the commodity. Whether it may be any kind of gemstone or jewellery, the GJSPC lab is there to give you all kind of information regarding that stone. We sell, buy and also work as a broker between the seller and the buyer.

Redesigning Your Jewellery : Redesigning of jewellery gives another way of wearing your old jewellery. We redesign the jewellery as you want, we have so many ideas of redesigning and so many designs are we have that can be made according to your choice. Very fine equipment are used in our laboratory to do a unique and smart designing.


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