Diamond Certification And Grading Laboratory

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When we starts to shop diamond than it is been a great task to recognize about the authentication and its category. Fake diamonds are more active in the market now a days then original one. The price of these fake diamonds is as same as that of original one but their properties are totally different, they might be same in the looks but actually these are synthetic diamonds manufactured by chemical procedures. A diamond should be purchased from a genuine dealer who also provides the authentication certificate or the grading report with that piece of diamond.

There are several series of test and scientific methods that can be used to analyze to know about the diamond genuineness and can differentiate between the fake and the genuine diamonds during the grading processes. Gemological laboratories are there to detect original and fake diamonds with the tests during the diamond grading process, this diamond grading provides a scientific proof that the diamond is not artificial, speaks about the diamond properties and its characteristics and also satisfies with the diamond authenticity. There are so many diamond certification and grading laboratory in Delhi/NCR, that provides full genuine and authentic certificates of diamond genuineness and also detects the artificial diamonds.

One of the best diamond certification laboratory in Delhi/NCR is known as GJSPC laboratory, located in West Patel Nagar, New Delhi. The laboratory is actively performing in various fields like, Rudraksha testing, Gemstone testing, jewellery testing, appraisal report, packaging and sealing and diamond testing. The laboratory provides full genuine reports to the original diamonds. Their report includes identification report, diamond grading report,diamond parcel assortment. Everyone must check the diamond certificate or grading report before buying as there are various suppliers who sells the fake product on the account of originals.